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Fraud Examination Toronto
Certified Fraud Examiners Toronto, Canada


Our team of fraud examiners in Toronto, Canada are here to help. Unfortunately, over a third of Canadians have been victims of fraud. Fraud impacts businesses of all sizes and people of all ages and income brackets. Common types of fraud that businesses face include financial statement fraud, payroll fraud, and asset misappropriation. The types of fraud that individuals frequently face are identity theft, telephone scams and phishing scams.


Suspect fraud? Our team of certified fraud examiners can investigate fraud, embezzlement and misappropriation of assets. We assist lawyers, businesses and individuals in uncovering fraud. Our fraud examination services including investigating various types of fraud and preparing reader-friendly reports documenting fraud that can be used in court if necessary. We can investigate the types of fraud below.


  • Missing Cash, Inventory or Other Assets

  • Overstatement of Assets

  • Unrecorded Liabilities

  • Insurance Claims

  • Payroll Fraud

  • Credit Card Fraud

Need help from fraud examiners in Toronto, Canada call Lynch & Associates today 647-308-9701!

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